3D Realms Current Staff
Last Updated - August 6, 2008

This page originally started as my attempt to keep track of everyone in an attempt to have my wife know who the heck she'll recognize at the Christmas party.  I decided to continue on past the Dec 06 party (when I first came up with it) and keep this current with staff changes.

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Chris DeSimone
(February 2003)
Chris Smith
(November 2004)
James Houska
(October 2006)
Ben Eoff
(October 2006)
Randy Forsyth
(October 2006)
Bryan Brewer
(November 2006)
Mark Skelton
(November 2006)
Jay Brushwood
(May 2007)
Pat Jones
(August 2007)
Andrew Kerschner
(August 2007)
(Sonic was June 1991)

Layne Johnson
(September 2007)





John Pollard
(March 2001)
Rob Faison
(October 2004)
Dave Ratti
(May 2005)
Brian Lawson
(August 2006)
Pete Knepley
(April 2007)
Chris Skelton
(August 4, 2008)




Allen Blum
(??, Late 1990)
John Anderson
(September 1997)
David Riegel
(July 2004)
Andrew Baker
(July 2005)
Scott MacLean
(January 2007)
Gary Buchanan
(January 2007)
Brad Jacobs
(August 6, 2008)
Quinn Del Hoyo
(August 6, 2008)





Eric Von Rothkirch
(Sound/Music - October 2001)
Trammell Isaac
(Art Director - August 2006)
Chris Cummings
(Designer - October 2006)
Rick Huenink
(Designer - Nov 2006)
Brian Hook
(Producer - Mar 2008)

Scott Miller
(November 26, 1987)
George Broussard
(?? 1990)
Kevin Green
(Jan 1992)
Steve Blackburn
(Feb 1992)
Joe Siegler
(Dec 1992)
Bryan Turner
(Apr 1995)