Contest #203: October 1st to October 14th, 2004

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The winning entry was submitted by Noel Sampson. It was:

"Well, it's looking better. But I don't think the chives are curly enough."

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. ...glad I decided against the cream sauce. (Al Hunt)
  2. The restaurant staff laughed while Scott ate his 'local delicacy', because unknown to him they weren't balls of potato, and that wasn't gravy. (Scott Richardson)
  3. Igor's specialty sir, Octabrain eyes. Enjoy. (Gregory Marnayek)
  4. "I love hiding my meat behind two big spuds!!" (Anthony Wilson)
  5. Okay, so nobody makes molds of themselves, but when's the last time you've seen a pair like mine? (Zedmelon ???)
  6. Whenever you see Scott Miller holding a plate of food and smiling like that, it means you had better make sure he sits next to a window when you get in the car. (Ben Compton)
  7. Using the theory that "You are what you eat" Scott can't wait to see the improvement in his girlfriends figure after she eats this carefully prepared meal. (Frank Paniz)
  8. Is EVERYTHING about breasts with you guys? (Frank DeCandia)
  9. Here we see a picture of Scott Miller having formed his mashed potatoes into an accurate replica of the UV Ceti star system, a binary star system which lies approximately 8.72 light years from Earth. The scoop on the left represents the primary star, a red dwarf of spectral type M5.5e. The scoop on the right represents the secondary star (BL Ceti), a red dwarf of spectral type M6.0e. Note that to precisely indicate the variation in the stars' positions, Scott has justaposed the potatoes within the gravy at a point corresponding to the mean relative distance between the two stars' centroids across their entire revolutionary periods with the dinner plate's diameter representing one complete standard deviation in their relative positions.

    Then again, maybe it's just supposed to look like a pair of boobs. (Scott Pakin)

In reality, this is Scott Miller hamming it up with his dinner while on vacation.