Contest #204: October 15th to October 28th, 2004

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The winning entry was submitted by Nick Clodfelder. It was:

I'd hit it.

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. "I don't get no respect" (RIP Rodney Dangerfield) (John White)
  2. "But... but... That's not true! There is SO a Commander Keen! He was based on a real person! They told me all about it when I started here!" (Kevin Anderson)
  3. "Tim reveals he is leaving 3DRealms to film the upcoming Wurzel Gummidge series slated for January release in the US." (Jim Duoae ?)
  4. "Of course i'm sad, look what that barber did to me !!" (Simon Quincey)
  5. Wilbo the hobbit is sad because they took away his pipe and weed while he slept and he awoke to find himself in an adventure without a single handkerchief left to cry in. (Gautom Menon)
  6. "IF you had hair like that, wouldn't you be this sad?" (Erwin Dunbar)

In reality, this is Tim Wilson doing... we don't know what Tim is doing here.