When you exit the elevator there will be 3 guys sitting at the table behind the shelving. Use the TV to get some more information.

There are two guys on the other end of the door. Blast the crates to get to the door. There will be 1 guy on the other end of that door. Then head down the hall.

Check out the newspaper and grab the baseball bat. There will be 3 guys in the kitchen at the top of the metal stairs. Then head down the hall.

In the next big room there is a drug meeting going on in the room to the immediate left. Go in and eliminate the 4 thugs and get the bar key.

In the bar is 5 thugs plus Rico. Rico will take off down the hall, eliminate the 5 thugs including the hooker and then head to the hall. Take out Rico and the 4 more guys down that way.

Head into the back reception room and listen in on the conversation, then head up the stairs.

Enter the club. When you take a left down the hall you'll see one thug playing the slots, there is another in the room on the right.

Then exit that room to the roof and blast the glass to fall into the next room. There are four thugs in that room. Then go the reception area and hit the exit button.

Go back into the crate room and head through the double doors to exit this chapter.

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This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.