As you start out take a right down the road and there will be a pawn shop on the left that has two looters in it. After you take them out head into the back room.

Use your baseball bat on the case to get the gun and then head back out into the streets. Head down to the end of the street and check out the newspapers on the left side of the road.

Go and grab the goodies out of the back of the van and then head down the stairs.

There are going to be 3 thugs in the first storage room as you enter the building. Exit the room through the door and then head down the hall.

At the end of the hall there are some gas containers, shoot the tops off the two tall ones to make the small one explode out and blow the opposite wall. This will open a new area with 2 thugs in it.

There will be two more thugs in the next small room. Then when you get to the stairs there will be another thugs up the stairs. At the top of the stairs head down the small hall.

Answer the phone on the wall and then continue to the next large room where you'll meet up with two more thugs. Head into the small storage room off the big room.

Blow the lock of the door and you'll enter the backroom of the pawn shop you started in. Read the letter and then grab the key. SWAT will start pouring in so exit back to the main room.

There will be a guy waiting for you on the other side of the door once you use the key on it. There will be two more thugs up on the next level and then one more the next level after that.

Exit out to the balcony area and jump across the gap. Then head right down the hall on the other side.

There are 4 more guys in the apartment. After taking care of them jump out the window to end the level.

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This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.