Head into the tickets booth and throw the switch to lift the secret wall. There are two guys in this small room.

Check out the book and then prepare for your fight. There are 3 guys to worry about on the other end as soon as you enter. A bartender straight in front, a good shotgun blast. One more guy to your left immediately on entering on the ground floor and then a guy on the far balcony.

There is also a guy on the balcony directly above you. So do a dive out and turn back to take him down. Then head through the big metal doors.

AS you head through the doors immediately after the first there are two goons at the bar to your left. Once you dispatch them there is one more guy in the dance floor area. Then there are three more guys in the small bar area.

Check out the occult books on the table. As you open the iron grate a goon will roll in from the left. Take care of him and then head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs there will a door. Through the door and to the left will be a goon, there is a second one across the way on the other balcony. Head through the doors at the end of the balcony, the second set after that will open onto the a huge overhead seating area and there will be two more thugs to the right as you enter.

The right side small balcony has some Ingram ammo in it. Grab that and then exit through the door to the right of where you came in. Then head up the stairs.

In the next room on the right there is a 3 man drug deal going down. Bust that up. Once you do three more men will pour in from the shelving area. Then head around the shelves to the exit.

As you enter the small hall a guy with a shotgun will come from the left. Take him out. There are two more guys on the stairs. Also be careful of the trap door. At the top of the stairs there'll be one or two more bad guys depending on your ability to get the previous mobsters before they retreat.

Head out onto the roof and then sneak through the crack in the wall. Take out the bad guy in the room with the drug deal and then proceed to the other side.

Head carefully on the ledges to the next building. As you enter the building you'll come across 3 goons coming up the stairs.

Head down the stairs. When you open the grate there will be a guy on the catwalk. Take him down and then turn to take out the 4 guys coming up the stairway.

Head down the stage controls and open the stage. Take out the two guys that come through and then head through there yourself.

Head up to the other control panel and use #2 and #4.

As you head through there is going to be a guy on the left up one flight of stairs. Take him out and then go up the stairs. Jump across the planks of wood.

Then enter the door to finish the level.

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This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.