You start the level with 2 of the suits trying to kill you. Take them out and then use the panel to enter the first control area. Check out the emblem on the floor in the central area.

Then use the panel to open the Processing door. There are three soldiers that are too busy talking to pay attention to you so take them down. Then proceed through the glass Test Facilities doors and then through the metal Test Facilities doors.

Head into the Laboratories and then veer left through the glass doors. Use the control panel to get the key card and then go back through the glass doors.

Don't forget to stop at the small storage room to get the supplies, then use you new pin code on the Block B control panel. The elevator will open so take that to Block B. Then enter through the large Block B doors.

Head to the back end of the Block B area and open B7 to release the scientist. Follow him back to the previous level. At the top you'll run into two soldiers. Once they are dead head into the containment room and the scientist will let you through.

Head through the door to the plasma leak. Jump over the counters to get past it. Then proceed to the elevator.

Head down and eliminate all the trip mines, then check the computer for some more information.  Don't forget to notice that the mouse pads on these computers are Duke Nukem 3D mouse pads! :)

Take the new elevator back up and use the blue display to get into the containment area again.

The containment area fails and now you have one minute to get out. If you look through the door's window you can see a trip mine. Stand to one side of the door and blast the mine to blow open the door. Then run quickly through the Security Center doors.

Take a hard right and take the surface storage elevator up. Don't stand on the grate though as that falls during the explosion.

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This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.