As the level open there are 4 goons on the other side of the bulletproof glass. The right side will open and 2 of them will come to you. Then take out the other 2. After that the helicopter is going to make a pass at you. Just duck behind the sculpture and wait for it to leave. Then get ready for the two guys coming in from the opposite side of the statue.

As you head into the next area there will be a guard in an elevator on the left. Then head through the door on the right. Then head outside onto the small balcony.

Use the catwalk to get to the other balcony and head inside through the scultpure room.

As you exit this room, the elevator will open, this is just a decoy, there will be a guard coming down the stairs you need to take care of. There are two more goons at the top of the stais and after them there will be two more coming out of the far elevator.

Then turn around because you'll have one guy coming at you from behind. Head through the door this last goon came from and take out the two guards in there. As you are fighting them another goon will come in from the right side.

There will be two behind a turned over couch on the other side's exit. Then go through the door. One guard will come at you from the right side door, keep going down the hall. And another will roll out at you from behind the elevator.

At the top of the stairs there will be one goon to you immediate right and then 3 more down the big hall to the left. At the end of the hall press the small button on left side of the desk to open the enterance to the roof.

Head up the stairs and out onto the roof. After the cut scene shoot out the cable right in front of you.

There are 4 guards around the corner to take out, then head back to ledge with the cable you just shot off. Jump out there to get a aim on the far cable.

The best way to take it out is to snipe it but you can just unload several clips until you hit the cable. Then shoot the tower to win the game.

[ That's it - Game's over! ]

This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.