August 14, 2003

Another Max Payne 2 Preview

Yesterday we brought you two Max Payne 2 previews, today we have another, this time from IGN. Let's get right to what they had to say.

* ...the sequel maintains much of what we loved about the first title while still taking enough risks to offer some surprises as well.
* But though these comic book sequences are still an important part of the presentation, Remedy is making an effort to tell more of the story through in-game sequences.
* The success of the first game and the involvement of Rockstar mean we can expect much higher production values this time around.
* Now making use of the Havoc physics engine, Max Payne 2 allows for some very realistic ragdoll effects.

IGN's got a two page preview of the game, as well as several screenshots - make sure and give it a read!

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