Rise of the Triad: Goodies

In early December of 1995, I made a screen capture of Joe Selinske's level “Use the Fish,” found in the rott_rej level set. That image has since travelled from this page to the Well of Wishes: the Official Dopefish Homepage. To see my screen capture of the dopefish level, and hear the tune “Fish Polka,” written by Lee Jackson, click here.

To the left is an icon for Windows users. It's not anything fancy, but it suits it's purpose. Click here to download it.
Windows .ico formatted Rise of the Triad icon number two, submitted by The Starlighter. Click here to download it.
And finally, a third icon for Rise of the Triad, also by The Starlighter, and in the Windows supported .ico format. Click here to download it.

Have an unusual file or accessory for Rise of the Triad that you've downloaded or created? Email it to Maximum Carnage and see it posted here!

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